If we take an olive from the tree and squeeze it in our hand, we get the best possible oil. The less time it takes to fill into a bottle the better it is for the quality. Contact with light and the atmosphere reduce its organoleptic properties; the contact with materials that are not inert will impregnate it with inappropriate smells; and exposure to extremely high or low temperatures will worsen the quality.

As such, on our farm we place our mill in the exact center of the olive grove in order to minimize the time between the olive gathering and processing; we clean and wash the olives, classifying them according to quality and type; we extract the oil at cool temperatures below 27 degrees, in order to conserve the polyphenol antioxidants; we inert the storage deposits in order to avoid the oil’s oxidation; we control the temperature of the atmosphere in all our installations; and, of course, we work with a level of hygiene or cleanliness and order that guarantees the food safety of our product.

Monton Alto - Mejor Almazara de España 2009/2010 El Primer aceite de oliva extra certificado por AENOR